Team Overview

At BOLT, we’re young in business, but old in experience.

We know our team is our biggest asset: our collective knowledge and expertise enable us to deliver superior transportation services to our customers. Many of our drivers have been here from the start, and that kind of loyalty is at the core of what BOLT stands for. From our leadership, to administrative staff, to our driving team, our unique group of industry veterans works together seamlessly and successfully.

Tracy Thomas, Founder and CEO

Tracy leads BOLT with a dedication to superior performance and customer service thanks to her decades of experience in the transportation industry. Read More »

Michael Thomas, COO

With more than three decades of industry experience, Mike Thomas manages BOLT’s daily operations and is largely responsible for the quality service the company is known for. Read More »

Arin Thomas, Office Manager

Arin’s title at BOLT is “Office Manager,” but talk to her for a few minutes and you’ll realize she manages a lot more than that. Read More »

Our Drivers

The backbone of BOLT comes down to our experienced and motivated team of drivers. Read More »

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